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Telugu Online Movies Index – A

Telugu Online Movies Index – A

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If you would like to watch any particular movie and if you don’t find it here or If any of the links are not working, please send a message through CONTACT US page so that we can add/rectify them.

NOTE:  We have more than 3000 Telugu, Hindi & Tamil movies. We have recently updated our index, please browse thru the index pages and watch ur favorite movies

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76 Responses to “Telugu Online Movies Index – A”

  1. kareem Says:

    I would like to watch “Sapthapadi” and “Devalayam” telugu movies.
    Can you please add ?

    Thanks in Advance,

  2. vanukuri Says:


  3. vanukuri Says:

    it’ s good thing

  4. ramadevi Says:

    its avery nice website and thank u veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy much
    and all the best fir forthere improvment

  5. hari Says:

    it is happiest thing that downloading films directly from this site

  6. rakesh Says:

    hi, anybody please upload nagarjunas “Aakhari poratam” movie. I have searched in many sites, but nowhere it is available…..

  7. loki Says:

    its too god

  8. sandhya Says:

    hi,can anybody upload “priya ragalu”movie. i love that movie .thaxs in advanced

  9. raj Says:


  10. bannu Says:

    it is very nice

  11. saritha Says:

    please add mouna ragam movie for me

  12. lea Says:

    please add more or all of Mahesh Babu movies
    thank you

  13. sree Says:

    hi,can u pl add” jalsa” (pavan kalyan)movie.thank u.

  14. prasad Says:

    I like this website. I want “Subhasankalpam” telugu move. can any one upload it

  15. lea Says:

    i love Mahesh Babu. Can u add some of his movies for me.
    thaxs in advanced.

  16. sweety Says:

    i want to watch jalsa movie can u pls add it for me

  17. sandeep Says:

    I think new telugu films aren’t being uploaded at all now a days …..

    All concentration is being diverted to IPL matches

  18. horus Says:

    pls post parugu movie …i wanna download the movie..waiting for it..plssssssssss:(

  19. anu Says:

    i never expected a movie like ‘Road to Ladakh’ on this site.The whole team of the picture and the censor shd feel ashame of allowing this movie.Pls dont entertain such movies.

  20. raghu Says:

    hiiiiiiii,i need kantri movie links can u add

  21. sri Says:

    Hi…Can u plz put a good link of Tulasi movie………….

  22. Malleshwar Says:

    I like smartdesis thiss website. I want”pandurangadu”telugu move. can any one upload it


  23. sampath Says:

    hai, ilike this site very much, I want to watch venu’s “sada mee sevalo ” movie. Can u please dedicate for me.

  24. saritha Says:

    i ‘d like to watch ‘Amrutha varsham’ movie. Can u suggest a gud link

  25. Malleshwar Says:

    Hello how are you telugu friends!

  26. Aditya Sriram Says:

    since 10 days , i am searching for the old hit movie Alibaba 40 Dongalu of Sr.NTR, but i couldnot find even in this also.

    please try to put some old hit movies apart from the latest trash.

  27. irshad Says:

    I would like to watch “rajnikanth”shivaji” telugu movies.
    Can you please add ?

  28. Malleshwar Says:

    ThanQ for add Pandurangadu thanq so much smartdesis

  29. N.Malleshwar Says:

    please add ”jeevana tarangaalu” old movie for me

  30. lokesh Says:


  31. Malleshwar Says:

    Nmamakaar telugu all frends! iam ”Malleshwar” iam from india ap but living saudiarabia .i like thiss website icen see new Telugu see ”Pandurangadu”movie iam so happy thanq thanq so much

  32. shanker Says:

    pls upload maa alludu very good movie
    and okato no kurradu

  33. shanker Says:

    hai pls upload student no 1 movie

  34. ram ram Says:

    may I have Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Mahatyam ( Vijaha Chader), Bujji gadu (Prabhas) telugu movies online…………………….

  35. Dr.Peddisetty Ranga Rao Says:

    Hello friend i want to see Anand Movie . Can any one reload that movie. It is not responding from the site.

    thankyou very much.
    Dr.p.ranga rao

  36. SWATHI Says:

    plz upload ready movie

  37. Mallehwar (Saudiarabia) Says:

    Hello Telugu friends ilike all telugu movies thanq somuch smartdesis tk

    Nampelli Malleshwar

  38. kittu Says:

    i want latest songs downlode

  39. Abhi Says:

    Wow..Very nice website..Keep up the good work.

  40. srinivas Says:

    kindly upload movie ASHA ASHA ASHA i love songs & movie. thanx in advance.

  41. Chandan Says:

    i would like to watch asta chemma movie , can u pls add links to that.



  42. uma Says:

    can u post last part for asta chemma

  43. sreenu Says:

    This site is nice.pls add premato raa movie

  44. saranya Says:

    hiiiii its tooooooooo gud but i need premikula roju

  45. chandukrishna Says:

    I like to see the movies Bad Boys, Thara, Manasichanu, Thamashachoodham randi, Slokam
    Please upload the movies
    with regards

  46. karthik Says:

    please add the maharshi film

  47. Naresh parsa Says:

    Hello telugu frends howareu?
    i like
    pls add any chiranjeevi old fillm

  48. manasa Says:

    Hi,please add nagarjuna’s santhosham movie

  49. siva Says:

    hi i like this site can u please add ammayi kosam starring meena and saikumar please…….

  50. indira Says:

    hi i like sri edukondalaswami its 1991 movie starred by arungovil ,bhanupriya please

  51. kamalni Says:

    pls upload athidi and jism movie

  52. Anil Says:

    I wish to see Anthimatheerpu film of Krishnam Raju, Sumalatha. A thriller..I searched for this film in many places, :( no luck so far

  53. santhosh Says:

    Thanks for giving me links as am in remote place to watch telugu movies.
    i’m trying to watch anandam movie nut no luck. :(

  54. Ali Says:

    Hey great work…Keep it goin…

  55. Pavan Says:

    i would like to see Surya putrika ,Adavi chukka movies.Please give me the link

  56. Malleshwar( KSA) Says:

    pls post ”abhimanyudu” my fevarete hero shobanbabu movie.

  57. narayana Says:

    i want andamaina anubhavam movie. the actor&actress are kamalhasan&jayaprada

  58. srilakshmi Says:

    since 15 days, onwards i am searching for the “Amrutavarsham” movie links

  59. siva Says:

    ya …me too ..can any one tell me where i can watch amruthavarsham’ and “repati pourulu” old movie

  60. chiru Says:

    hi willl anyone pls add me kuch kuch hota hai film

  61. cbbasha Says:

    hi buddy thanks,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  62. ANAND Says:

    why there is no kannada movies in this website.

  63. sribhanu Says:

    hai friends how can i down load the movie 7G brundhavan,its my favourite one .give me one sugestion

  64. ruchika Says:

    Hi this is ruchika “pelli” movie links are not working can u upload some other links plz iam eager to watch the movie plz its a ind request from me upload as soon possibleeeeeeeeeeee

  65. priya Says:

    hi..its one of the best site for watching movies online…can u pls add”suswagatham” movie for me and all of my frends..and one more swagatham movie link is not working..can u kindly upload it

  66. anu Says:

    i luv this site
    can u please add AMRUTHAVARSHAM movie
    thank u

  67. coolguy99 Says:

    very good site we can get all movies at one place thanx………

  68. Likitha Says:

    Can u plz upload “Ishtam” ,”morning Raga”,”Appudappudu” teelugu movies.

  69. gautham Says:

    pls add INDUMATHI movie.megavideo link was removed.please provide megavideo link for this movie

  70. siraj Says:

    Mee Sreyobhilashi link is not working. can u add new links ?

  71. kolli pratap khanna Says:

    can anybody upload kalikalam movie acted by chandramohan,jayasuda,saikumaran so on

  72. kalpana Says:

    i want to see guna telugu movie kamlhassan’s movie.i love to open this site when ever iam free.
    thanks for such a great work


  73. mahee Says:

    i want to see guna telugu movie kamlhassan’s movie.i love to open this site when ever iam free.
    thanks for such a great work


  74. sruthi Says:

    hi i like this site .i want see yugantham(2012) movies can anybody upload this link

  75. sujeev mallina Says:

    please add ANDHRA KESARI movie

  76. sam Says:


    can you please add the telug paradesi movie please.

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