MEK season 2

Oct 29

Watch Varun Sandesh & Swetha Prasad starring Latest superhit telugu movie Kotha Bangaru Lokam online:

Server 1(DVD):      CLICK HERE

Sever 2:(New, working link):    PART-1 | PART-2 | PART-3 | PART-4 | PART-5| PART-6 |PART-7

Server 2:     PART-1 PART-2 PART-3 PART-4

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14 Responses to “Watch Kotha Bangaru Lokam Movie Online”

  1. ashok Says:

    very nice movie…

  2. saikrishna Says:

    kotha bangaru lokam its a very nice movie for youth and lovers

  3. Nimal Prakash Says:

    links of Server 4 and Server 5 are also not working for me… :(
    and we don’t have Veoh access from Sri Lanka :(

    is it possible for you to post some alternative links… thanks for your effort…

  4. kamala Says:

    how to download mega video……….i cant download this so please give me alternate links…………soon

  5. rajath Says:

    it’s nice move..

  6. akram Says:

    could anybody help me because i am not able to watch movies because there is no box displaying here. What should i install to watch the movies here in our country Zshare, Megavideo and Veoh Player are banned. Please reply

  7. ajay nagilla Says:

    fantastic movie thanks for keeping it online

  8. reds thanneeru Says:

    simply superb….

  9. Rajesh Says:

    kotha bangaru lokam its a very nice movie

  10. satya Says:

    its an youthfull, love and family enjoyable movie i thank every one likes this movie and i hope same frm every one bye friends

  11. bhuvana Says:

    kbl is a good movie as an example of teenage life

  12. Pravallika Says:

    You guys r doing a fabulous job. Congrats!!!
    Unfortunately the link doesnt wrk :-(. Could you pls provide me an active link.
    Thanks in advance.

  13. manoj kumar Says:

    parents & students & lovers all of them like this film because this movie is so nice

  14. SHA'S Says:

    kotta bangaru lokam its a fantastic movie.

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