MEK season 2

Feb 20

Watch Latest Sensation & Superhit hindi movie A Wednesday starring Naseeruddin Shah, Anupam Kher, Jimmy Shergill starring online:( MUST WATCH, Don’t Miss this excellent movie) Rating : (4/5) -   CLICK HERE for IdleBrain review

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2 Responses to “Watch A Wednesday Hindi Movie Online – Must Watch”

  1. mahesh Says:

    very good movie
    all Indians must watch this
    director has shown his social responsability
    public opinion is to be taken to decide the fate of terrorists
    no long trials in court
    punishment is to be given in public, by public
    punishment to be given at the site of mishap

  2. rahaman Says:

    its really good film. loads of indians heartful wish . hope everybody takes the same role to eradicate bloody fanaticism in the name of God

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