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Jun 20

Watch MAA TV Super Singer 7 TV Show Online, Spicy Series between Sunitha and Kousalya – All Episodes of Airtel Super Singer

52nd Episode(Grand Finale, Jun 19):    CLICK HERE

51st Episode(Grand Finale,Jun 12):    CLICK HERE

50th Episode(Grand Finale):    CLICK HERE

49th Episode(Grand Finale):    CLICK HERE

49th Episode(Behind the Scenes):    CLICK HERE

48th Episode(May 22, SemiFinals):   CLICK HERE

47th Episode(May 15):    CLICK HERE

46th Episode(May 8):    CLICK HERE

45th Episode(May 1):    CLICK HERE

44th Episode(Apr 24, Full Episode):   CLICK HERE

44th Episode(Singers Playlist):   CLICK HERE

43rd Episode(Apr 17):    CLICK HERE

42nd Episode(Apr 10):   CLICK HERE

42nd Episode(Behind the Scenes):    CLICK HERE

41st Episode(Apr 3):   CLICK HERE

41st Episode(Behind the Scenes):    CLICK HERE

40th Episode(MAr 28):     CLICK HERE

39th Episode(Mar 20):     CLICK HERE

38th Episode(Mar 13):    CLICK HERE

39th Episode(Behind the scenes):     CLICK HERE

37th Episode(Mar 6):    CLICK HERE

36th Episode(Feb 27):     CLICK HERE

35th Episode(Feb 20):      CLICK HERE

34th Episode(Feb 13):     CLICK HERE

33rd Episode(Feb 6):   CLICK HERE

32nd Episode(Jan 30):     CLICK HERE

31st Episode(Jan 23):     CLICK HERE

30th Episode(Jan 16):      CLICK HERE

29th Episode(Jan 9):    CLICK HERE

28th Episode(Jan 2):    CLICK HERE

27th Episode(Dec 26):     CLICK HERE

26th Episode(Dec 19):     CLICK HERE

25th Episode(Dec 12):     CLICK HERE

24th Episode(Dec 5):     CLICK HERE

23rd Episode(Nov 28):     CLICK HERE

22nd Episode(Nov 21):    CLICK HERE

21st Episode(Nov 14):     CLICK HERE

20th Episode(Nov 7):      CLICK HERE

19th Episode(Oct 31):     CLICK HERE

18th Episode(Oct 24):     CLICK HERE

17th Episode(Oct 17):     CLICK HERE

16th Episode(Oct 10):   CLICK HERE

15th Episode(Oct 3):    CLICK HERE

14th Episode(Sep 26):      CLICK HERE

13th Episode(Sep 19):     CLICK HERE

12th Episode(Sep 12):     CLICK HERE

11th Episode (Sep 5):     CLICK HERE

10th Episode(Aug 29):     CLICK HERE

9th Episode(Aug 22):      CLICK HERE

8th Episode(Aug 15):     CLICK HERE

7th Episode(Aug 8):     CLICK HERE

6th Episode(Aug 1):     CLICK HERE

5th Episode(Jul 25):      CLICK HERE

4th Episode(Jul 18):      CLICK HERE

3rd Episode(Jul 11):      CLICK HERE

2nd Episode(Jul 4):      CLICK HERE

1st Episode (Jun 28):    CLICK HERE

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118 Responses to “Watch MAA TV Super Singer 7 TV Show Online – 52nd Episode – Grand Finale”

  1. Krishnamurthy Says:

    The super singer7 has become a fight between sunitha and kousalya and the judgement and marks given are not on the merit of the singer what he has sung, it all started with sunitha giving less marks to adjust to their team.
    Please try to advice sunitha to keep up the ethics of the competition, other wise it looks like a artificial episode.

  2. Dolly Says:

    The super singer 7 is a good show conducting by Airtel.But it becoming a fight between the leaders.It show not become completion between for singers.kousalya give good judgement.but sunitha is not.Sunitha giving less marks to good singers because of they are opesitive team.Please advise her to maintain the reght judgement.

    Thank u

  3. Dinesh Says:

    super singer 7 the spicy series is the best program but in this sunitha judgement is not correct,she is giving less marks to good singers and she feels like only my judgement is correct, others judgement is wrong…if sunitha judgement is going like that this show will become artificial and fails..audience irritating to sunitha judgement…please try to advice sunitha to give correct judgement

  4. Hero Says:

    surely nice acting by mentors, before the program its recorded and just acting skills showcased on stage. sing without such things and prove.. already ur proven but y all these

  5. Mamatha Says:

    Please avoid sunitha..shez not giving marks to how they perform,just giving to adjust there team marks.Her jurgment is not real..kousalya and the other male judge gives fare marks..its good to the show to avoid sunitha please.

  6. Nani Says:

    Why have you posted “Rangam” in the name of Super singers 11th episode.. pls posr correct one!

  7. Cherry Says:

    Thx a lot Nani for bringing it to our notice, we have update the link with the correct video, watch and enjoy, apologize for the inconvenience caused

  8. Nani Says:

    Thanks Cherry!!! No probs:)

  9. Lavanya Says:

    I have missed 12th episode please update it soon.

  10. Ramesh Chandra Says:

    Super singer 7 the spicy series is the best program but in this Sunitha judgement is not correct,she is giving less marks to good singers. Super singer 7 Management please try to advice Sunitha to give correct judgement and inform her to maintain the reght judgement…????

  11. Sanjay Says:

    I strongly agree with all those comments please try to avoid sunita from this show!!

  12. subbu Says:

    sunitha judgement is not correct.try to give marks according to the talent of participant.

  13. swapna Says:

    if u want to run this show successfully. Pls avoid sunitha as a mentor. Sumangali is giving her judjment without selfishness . I like her attitude…

  14. I.Murali Says:

    In my opinion Sunithas judjement is not fair in awarding marks. It is demoralising the up coming singers

  15. priya Says:

    super singer 7 kousalya n sumangali are the best judges…sunitha sucks !

  16. Rayudu Says:

    In my view both sunitha and kousalya are giving less marks to each other. Come on man! it is competition why all r blaming just sunitha blindly. pls observe care fully she also given the 90 marks for kousalya team in 14 episode to geetha and kousalya given 75 marks to sravana bargavi in the same episode.

    but in my personal opinion kousalya is giving the slightly wrong judgement than sunitha

  17. sankar Says:

    sunitha is worrest singer in supersinger..his judgement is not correct…..if sunitha is not there in the super singer ..the show is best in before supersinger editions…..

  18. paramesh Says:

    sunitha wrong judgement,menagement plz………give sugetions…….///////////////////

  19. sirisha Says:

    can someone update me with 15th episode?
    thank you

  20. search Says:

    I think sunitha’s attitude is wrong ! Kousalya and Sumangali are evry right when awrading the marks…Sunitha should change her self a lot !

  21. Rani Says:

    I feel that Sunita started it Kousalya got a hang of it. Now both of them are acting really nice, but giving less marks. In fact when Kousalya sang Sunithas song, Sunita gave her only 50% of marks. And the cold war is going on. Ultimate losers are the actual singers!! If this goes on like that team members will loose their zeal of singing. It’s their life and no one should mess up.

  22. sarita Says:

    sunitha jugement is worest so plz avoid her
    I think sunitha’s attitude is wrong ! Kousalya and Sumangali are evry right when awrading the marks…Sunitha should change her self a lot !

  23. dishyum Says:

    plz update 16th episode ASAP.. how much time would it take?? i missed it… plz upload it soon…

  24. dishyum Says:

    all of you who are scolding sunitha watch 13th episode. she even did not support her team members when they made a mistake. its all her greatness to accept the mistake.. she gives unbiased judgement as great as that..

  25. Cherry Says:

    We will post it soon – Thx, Admin

  26. satish Says:

    sunitha judgement is not good she always go for low scores though the singers are up to their best hope this could change in the coming episodes and love watching this program and wating for the latest episode on 10th oct… watinggg……

  27. satya Says:

    super singer 7 is the best program if avoid sunitha otherwise it is the worrest program bcoz there is not a correct judgement
    so management take care

  28. Bun Says:

    Can Someone please tell me why everyone cried? wast that just coincidental or some story behind?

  29. priya Says:

    ya sunitha is the worst judge she is selfish if she is not judge super singer7 will be the superb show so please avoid her its my request from all of my colleagues sunitha is the head of donkeys in this world

  30. priya Says:

    its my sincere advice to sunitha ask her sit in home itself unfit for humanbeing …… kousalya and sumangali are superrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr judges i love them

  31. vinnu Says:

    plz remove sunitha as the mentor from this show other than this there is no complient
    i dont know why sunitha is not supporting to dinker from the beging he performs well in the episode 17 but she did’nt give correct judgement

    i agree with all the comments according to sunitha

    i think this show also going like omkar’s show plz don’t go in that track


  32. sumangali varma Says:

    i want sumangali and kousalya to lead the program…sunitha’s judgement is not correct

  33. Roy Singer Says:

    Sunitha is overacting :( I am sooo sorry for Sravana,Srikrishna,Anjana to be part of her team….. Even if they win it would be a UNHEALTHY win :(

    Dont spoil super singe 7 program….

  34. Swinhy Says:

    I wish Sunitha’s team gets elliminated & we dont have to see her in this program….

    Sorry to Great singers Sravana, Srikrishna, Anjana & Revanth ….. You are UNLUCKY to be under Sunitha as ur mentor …. She has lots of atitude & bad judgement …

  35. xyzz Says:

    kousalya is giving wrong now sunitha and sumangali are good any how all are talented they dont care about marks they just kept this for entertainment and trp rating nd once imagine ur self as a mentor nd hw ull react to keep ur team safe everyone will do the same as sunitha who the hell r we to say she is wrong

  36. Reddy Says:

    Sunitha is not the right person to lead the team…Her attitude is very annoying especially in a show like Super Singer where everyone has high expectations. It’s great to see that the budding playback singers in both the teams have extreme respect for their co-participants while the leads of the teams lack competitive spirit. Kousalya gives unbiased opinions, she seems to be an apt person to be a part of the show. Sunitha has to change her attitude so as to keep the audience interest ongoing towards the show.

  37. shaik mohammad Says:

    and i like sunitha and kousalya mams singing

  38. balu Says:

    sunitha judgement is worst

  39. Hima Says:

    Welcome Usha to this show…its very nice to see you and the other talented singers back…and Revanth has really proved himself completely that he is not worth getting eliminated..
    What Chandrabose has complimented Anjana was perfect…edi padina bangaram lage untondii..chala chala hayi ga untondi Anjana songs vinadam…
    Sunitha matram rojuroju ki chala complicated ga avutunnaru..evarni sarigga compliment cheyaru, appreciation asalu sarigga undadu…her words sound so demotivation and some of her comments make no sense at-all. Marks sarigga ivaru…I think this has to be taken care because papam vere team vaallu effect avutaru kada…

  40. praveena Says:

    yaa………v to feel sunita’s judgement z not at all fare,,kousalya n sumangali wr supb at their judgement,,,,,,,,,,so better sunita to change her attitude,,n i m a bigggggggggggg fan to dinker

  41. Roy Singer Says:

    Good Move …. by adding another team …. Now I hope just is done to non-Sunita’s groups :)

    All the BEST to all great singers :)

  42. Praveen Says:

    Super singer 7 is my favorite show… Everyone singing is awesome… especially Sumangali… I like her singing and judgement…Sunitha is a bit selfish in judgement…

  43. ashok Says:

    Hi guys..can any one of u tell me that the song performed by hemachandra in last episode..madhuramaina swarama prema,mathileni thanama prema..which movie song is dat..plz tel me..

  44. Suneetha Says:

    This program is very nice. Everyone is singing very nicely. Only bad thing to happen for this show is singer Sunitha. She is literally unbearable with her comments. Even if good singers like Chaitanya keep singing for 10 more years, she will suggest some improvements. She has something to suggest to everyone.
    I personally feel “none of Sunitha’s performances are up to the mark”.

    “Please eliminate Sunitha on public demand and don’t include her is any of the future shows”.

  45. Anu Says:

    madhuranubhavama prema…………………song from happy happyga

  46. poorna Says:

    plz post episode 21 as soon as possible

  47. swathi Says:

    somehow I feel Sunitha is an oddman out,a diffinite gen gap between her and other singers So … is it time for Sunitha to quit best thing is go when the going is good tha being thrown out

  48. Padma Says:

    Please post nov 20th episode as soon as possible

  49. Sri Says:

    Plz post episode 22 as soon as possible……………

  50. Ramya Says:

    Plz post 22nd episode as soon as possible……..

  51. rajesh Says:

    sunitha is good singer and she knows about judgement…………pls requesting to all pls dont blame to sunitha …………she is a very good judge.and anjana sowmya is superb singer in the world……………i like anjana sowmya……….iam a big fan of her

  52. rajesh Says:

    programme is good ………..thats it enjoy the music & dont write bad comment on sunitha………….all menters having selfish …………otherwise arrange experienced judges …….then programme maybe very intresting yar…………..

  53. Chaitanya Says:

    Hope no more new teams and singers re-entry :P I agree regarding Sunita’s judgement being not fair.

  54. swathi Says:

    soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sweet show

  55. swathi Says:

    nice show

  56. mahesh.D Says:

    Nice show, all are should be singing old songs na that is good.
    i like sumangali & hemachandra
    Hemachandra singins asong of sri thumubhura…..
    it is very nice

  57. Sundar Says:

    Sunitha is capable enough to judge S. P. balu, if at all he sings infront of her, she can teach him about sruthi and gamakam.

  58. nagesh Says:

    finaly says that sunitha is wrong..

  59. srikanth Says:

    Nice program- getting spoiled by Sunita – showing partiality in giving marks, no encouragemnt for upcoming singers. She can not sing different genre and comments on other people. If she really has a heart of a singer – do not show any partiality. It is very obvious to even a general viewer that how degraded person she is in this program. Personally I had a lot of respect for her which is now at the bottom line after being watched her through this program. Please do not make this program to leave a bad impression for singers but a nice program. The concept of “spicy series” do not imply to show pariality and discourage singers like Revant/Dinaker.

  60. Roopa Says:

    Super singer 7 is super program except sunitha. why Sunitha acts she alone has superior talent in singing and tries to put down every other singer. if the singer is not from her team she makes faces and points out a mistake. all other singers are equally proven in the feild. Sunitha is very biased in her judgement. its better if she is advised on such kind of things and teach her what is the real meaning of Judgement!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. rahul Says:

    superb singing by deepu and dinkar……
    everything in super singer is fine except sunitha….
    please remove her….
    good judging by others….
    all the singers are very good and friendly….
    pleaseeeeeeeeee remove sunitha…she is not a good judge…

  62. vani Says:

    plzz post 30th episode as soooon as possible…..

  63. Music lover Says:

    Firstly I need to say iam not fan to any singer in personal.i love music.. Who ever is singing doesn’t matters me…as I have gone through all the comments…I noticed some blaming sunitha and few kousalya…according to me both of them are wrong in the judgement..there are many episodes where kousalya had given less marks to sunitha team even their performance is good and same thing happened with sunitha aswell. We all need to understand both of them are trying to stand their one let their team to go that case we can’t simple blame sunitha is selfish or kousalya..both of them are selfish…if we wanna blame first we have to blame the concept…for giving chance to mentors to judge the other teams…obviously the judgement will not be fare as every one want their team to be first….so all of u please stop commenting the mentors and just enjoy the show…don’t take anything to heart that happens in the show as every thing is drama for Trp ratings….at the end of the day all singers are one and support each other…so spectators just enjoy the show…

  64. S.Reddy Says:

    Hai Singers how are you for all…. Srikrishna I like u so much bangaru………
    Sunitha also my favorate singer Y everyone scoulding her….. Kousalya is a selfish…………. but sunitha not like that guys……….

  65. Srinivas Palli Says:

    I’ve watched all the episodes of Supersinger 7 spicy to date. Sunitha could not rise above the petty partisan strategies, forcing Kousalya to follow suit. Amongst all the judges, Sunitha’s been pretty mean – fastidious, overly critical, lop-sided judgements, awarding embarassing scores to her peers…, despite, good performances. It’s all too evident…. I couldn’t believe that she’s arguing and chiding singers on the stage, especially when the singers try to explain themselves over her remarks. Perhaps, she doesn’t understand the term ‘democracy’… Although, talented, does she realize that she’s not even close to the likes of Bhanumati, Susheela, Janaki, Chitra etc….??! In episode 31, on the issue of awarding marks to team leaders, Sunitha’s comments were hilarious, probably not realizing that she unwittingly reflected herself !! I think the best judges & persons on the show are Sumangali & Usha. Afterall, it takes more than mere talent to be better humans….

  66. priya Says:

    All the above comments, regarding Sunitha is 100% true.

  67. bhanu Says:

    The super singer 7 is a good show conducting by Airtel.But it becoming a fight between the leaders.It show not become completion between for singers.kousalya give good judgement.but sunitha and sumangali is not.Sunitha giving less marks to good singers because of they are opesitive team.Please advise her to maintain the right judgement and chandra bose sir suport to sunitha its not correct.

  68. S.Reddy Says:

    Congrants Deepu… and hello srikrishna u rocking dear………

  69. jayjayshri Says:

    Hey i realy luv d show n congrats deepu:-):-) n i lik hemachandra a lot n lot ur realy awesm swthrt.. I wish n pray so dat ul c dz coment

  70. akhila Says:

    when will you upload 34th episode waiting from morning please upload soon

  71. Cherry Says:

    @Akhila, sorry for uploading the video late. It’s available now, watch and enjoy :)

  72. swathi Says:

    hey come on y u r blaming sunitha like this . she is correct only she is a senior than other mentors. she too knows technicalities of the songs. she also gave 100 n 90′s too many times. she is corrcet.

  73. abcdef Says:

    I agree to many that sunitha is not giving correct judgement….
    I hope someone tells her that….
    I love hemachandra’s singing, Deepu u are awesome….
    Revanth you have improved a lottttt…….
    I love Anjana’s and Malavika’s singing…..

    The Show is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks MAA TV and Airtel….

  74. santosh kumar Says:

    main maa tv programs super singers, rangam, balechance. the 3 programs is so nice…….. plz super singer 8 stated in end of super singer 7, i watched super singer 1 to super singer 7. i like very mach………..

  75. Somya Says:

    Sunitha is not senior to the other mentors, she is a contemporary to them. She does not give fair marks depending on the singer, and general trend is that she will deduct 5-10 points from any singer’s performance- if you actually watch the show, you will see. She is trying to make her team win.

  76. Srinivas Says:

    Sunitha is showing her worst attitude and giving wrong judgements…day by day she is becoming worse. please avoid her

  77. S.Reddy Says:

    Hai dear i love srikrishna singing………

  78. Prasad Says:

    Who all said Sunita is a good judge please go and see the episode of Kousalya singing Vedam movie song “EEgiri pothe entha baguntundhi”. Main judges gave 100 and she gave 50. Is this called as judgement? The war has begun there and still never ending. Sunitas team is surviving still only because there is good support from Chandrabose garu, but i dont understand Chandrabose garu being one of the great member showing partiality in these kind of shows. Ofcourse sunita is a great singer i agree but she is not doing correct way what she needs to do.

  79. Sruthy Says:

    Hemachandra and Geetha should win the titles.
    I just want to ask Maa tv why the comments are disabled for all super singer videos on you tube.
    How can we rate or appreciate our favorite singers if they are disabled.

    All the very Best to all the wonderful singers of Tollywood industry.

    Chandu u rock the show.. Wish u all the best.

  80. LUCKY Says:


  81. jdsmsn Says:

    i love u hemachandra

  82. Jaffa Says:

    Sunitha is not the right person to lead the team…Her attitude is very annoying especially in a show like Super Singer where everyone has high expectations. So, please remove her from the judge and make the program more interesting.. Because of her false judgement many gud singers are eliminated..So..For Maa TV and Super Singer Management if you want the show to become gud hit..Plz Avoid Sunitha, else the show would loss TRP Ratings.
    Sunitha neeku balup ekkuva..u are not fit for this kind of programs.

  83. Sunil Says:

    Hello Sunitha garu….

    Y you always criticized other singers who are not part of your team,,,, Even other judges judge correctly…… You decide and come for the shows as your team should be first… Please leave that attitude…… it will be bad impression on your side.
    Add frankly saying your not fit to sit in that seat if your judging like this

  84. arl swathi Says:

    The problem with Sunitha is her attitude. Thanu maatladedi edo shankhamulo posina thirtham laaga cheputhundi.

    entha baaga paadina kondarini asalu mechukoodu.
    to be frank she has to learn a lot to sit as a judge in a reality show.
    we can see the humiliation felt by the singers and the way they get along.As a senior it’s her duty to enhance others.
    in all probability she is jealous of certain popular participants.
    She does not know how to hide it.

  85. puja Says:

    Hi Every body

    first sunitha ni eliminate cheste show chala baguntumdhi. sunita ki support aa chandrabose. ee sunitha entasepu thanandanini chupinchatanike annatu vundhi. judgement asalu poor. better better sunitha super singer nundi quite cheyatam.

  86. puja Says:

    sunitha hemachandra ki 75 marks ichindhi. okkasari andarukalasi sunitani super singer vallani eliminate cheyamani adagali. andaraki vankalu pedutumdhi. sunithakanna baga paadevaalu chalamandi vunnaru. vaalani judgesga pettukovachi. please first eliminate her we don’t want her.

  87. Dakshinamurthy Says:

    I thought Hemachandra and Geetamadhuri sand the song from Rudraveena very well. I ahve listened to the original and it sounds very much like what Hemachandra has sung. What Sunitha was saying was absolute rubbish and so are the marks.
    I used to think that Sumangali is impartial or neutral but it looks as if she has joined the “Bhatraju melam” of Sri Krishna and Anjana Sowmya. Instead critically looking at the performance she just wants to shower praise on the duo all the times. I am sure if this is how this goes there may be super singer 8 but not many established singers will participate.
    There shoulsd be some change to format to get the singers to sing all kinds of songs.

  88. sandhya Says:

    a very nice show.

  89. sandhya Says:

    i like anjana sowyma , geethamaduri singing.

  90. sandy Says:

    i like sunitha but her judgement is not correct .she is giving less marks though they sang very well.

  91. rocky Says:

    Super singer has become scam singer because of sunita. Why the hell is this competition if there is tie up between sumangali, chandrabose and sunita ?

  92. Nayana Says:

    Have been watching this show from Episode 1….the best part is we are getting to hear beautiful voices evry week….with diff kind of songs.

    The worst part is judgement…neutral judges sumangali and chnadrabosu garu decided to make sunitha teams to win all the roles giving as many marks as possible to her team.

    And the very popular and versatile voise singers like hemachandra and geethamadhuri and ofcourse malavika…..these are getting discouraged like anything,…

    Hardly they will get above 90+ marks …provided if their performance is more than 100 marks worth…and there are many occasions these people got 70 and 75 marks just for very minure mistakes.

    but if sunitha team does the same mistakes…..that will be ignored by great bosu garu even its big blunder lyrical mistake and sumangali ….and they never got 70-75 marks.

    Moreover bosu garu gives the comments just to show his frame of sentences and not in the language of music…

    For the fact…we all know that best singers will have always opportunties in their career and these bad judjements will not effect atleast 1% in their career growth…..

  93. anie Says:

    Great greater greatest singer miss.sunita, be ashame for your worst judgment.u r nothing before remaining people in contest.MAAtv please remove sunita or else ur show wil be deemed like anything.all my friends nd my collegues hates sunita like anything.please other judges and contestants get rebel over sunita judgment nd protect ethics of real competitive singing show.

  94. tarun singh Says:

    Ha ha miss.sunita..aftr long tym becam miss.anyhow..sunita gi please go away from this show.all judges, singers, anchor,including musicians r excellent except sunita.she is very worst in behavior.we can see jealous on geetha especially and on all girls.y u want 2 show ur self great wen u r worst sunita.u dont know anything.u cnt even replicate 0.0001 % of talent comparitatively with others.hey singers nd mentors..cant u fight on sunita.y u r ppl r behavng as servants to her.damn do sumthing yar.cant see sunita overaction anymore.

  95. udayasankarsai Says:

    Many Many thanks to MAA TV For Supporting this type of Supersinger7 talent shows. So many singers dont no how to expose to the world,for such singers this is the best show.The best wishes for KRISHNA and ANJANA. With Grace and Blessings of Shiridi Sai Baba I can perform My Show in MAA TV.



  96. Puja Says:

    MAA Tv vaaluu ee episode complete cheselopu sunithani theesethe better. Finally result sunitha team win avuthumdhi. Everybody knows because they r giving marks like that. I don’t,then know why this show is still continuing. Without sunitha we can enjoy. Actually I am big fan sunitha before. Now I am so so irritating her voice. Please. Sunitha quit avuthe chalabaguntundhi neeku chalarespect kuda. Pl sunitha. Quit this program volunterly.

  97. Puja Says:

    Eeroju episode lo sunitha face chudali after getting 300 outof 300 hemachabdrav allateam ki vachinapudu. Really everybody see her face that time.

  98. Puja Says:

    Ikkada 97 messages lo sunitha judgements bagundhi ani ennivunte anni marks sunitha ki ee super singer 7 look vachinapudu 2/97. Sunitha nee pillalaki enhance shamega vuntjndhi please.Quit thalli.

  99. Somya Says:

    Of course now Sunitha’s team is winning, that why she gave such low marks to the other teams, and Chandra Bose and Sumangali are supporting her, why no one knows. She is absolutely being unfair, and the fact that Kousalya’s team won for so long while Sunitha was playing games is a testament to their patience and great skill. I <3 Hemachandra and Malavika, and Kousalya of course, and they definitely deserve to win. Especially the judges are giving unfair judgment, Anjana Sowmya does not deserve that high points every time. Please correct this- I no longer listen to Sunitha's songs and will not watch her.

  100. sunitha Says:

    pls sunitha grau enduku meeru antha jealous ga chesthunaru this is not fair.u r a good singer u r in good position then why ur doing like this shame ga ledha meeku.iam great fan of u but not now.chala sigguga undhi mee fan ani cheppataniki.according to me winners r koushala garu’s team.inni comments chusaka kuda sunitha team win ayyithey pls maa tv ee programme continue cheyatam waste.inni comments chusi kavalani another team win ayyinattu chupistharu maku telusu.avida entha natisthundho telusu face expression chusi cheppachu chi chi sigguleni sunitha u r unfit as a singer.

  101. Shinoy Says:

    Sunitha is worst…. If at all her team wins … This show is WASTE/FLOP……
    Sorry Srikrishna & Anjana … You have talent…. But a very bad leader .. who is causee …. we dont want u guys to win….. Sorry to say sooo….
    Sunita’s judegement is bad ….. she is also influencing other neutral judges …

    SS7 is Baddddddd because of sunitha

  102. manasa Says:

    Geetha madhuri sang excellent in episode 51, I am not sure why they did not give best performance award for this episode. Because of Sunitha’s bad scoring (cheating) her team wins, but i am hoping best singer goes to Hema chandra and either malavika or Geetha madhuri. Whatever may be the results i wish best of luck to all the good singers except Sunitha.

  103. Pravallika Says:

    I hate sunitha very much .Please don’t put her in other series

  104. rocky Says:

    sunitha scam taravatha neutral judges pettina labam ledhu……

  105. keerthi Says:

    plz update the last episode of grand finale. sunitha is not the right person to judge. she is saving her team by giving less marks to the other teams.

  106. Nayana Says:

    Finally as expected sunitha team won alllllll the roles….feeling so sad to see this episode.

    Srikrishna…love ur voice. Geetha madhuri and Hemachandra…ur versatile singers and u gave ur best in all the songs.

    Geetha as usual you gave briliant performance in the finals too. You should be the best female singer and you are as per the audience.

    Every one knows why sunitha team won all titles?…its just that before finals itself she kept evryone so far from her team members in the difference of marks, such that even if other teams get full marks in finals they cant win .

    Anyways….Geetha&Hemanchandra&Srikrishna….thank you so much for ur wonderful and beautiful and for all different style of songs. We enjoyed listening ur songs evry week.

  107. Kiran Says:

    Super singer 7 Final judgement is prefixed. Very Disappointing winner announcement. It should go to either Malavika or Gita madhuri. Anjana Sowmya did not performed so many times. Hema chandra should get Best singer award. This also disappointing. Time waste to watch this type of Singing Competitions shows, if this type of judgement comes. Prefixed judgement. More advertisements nothing else.

  108. Shinoy Says:

    Very UNHAPPY with the results ….. Sunita;s Team won because of her bad judgement for other teams …. According to me Kausalya’s(Hema chandra) team is winner ….

    Anjana Sownya Deserves the Best Singer …. :) ( but some uneasy feeling because other female singers where mis-judged by Sunitha most of the times) ….

    Hema Chandra / Sri Krishna – Great Singers :) …. I wish Hemachandra to be the winner :)

  109. Satish Says:

    It’s a great program but I’m also not happy with Sunitha madam judgement and marks.

  110. Kumar Says:

    It’s a great program … I am also not happy with sunitha judgement …

  111. tinku Says:

    great show really enjoyed a lot every week its a stress buster but truly disappointed by the grand finale in my opinion kousalya garu team shud win but the result was not worthy,great singers like malavika, & hemachandra were not appreciated even for best performances and even good singer revanth is also not encouraged. if the same politics continues again in next series then no one wud watch and show will definitely ruin. pls pls pls dont keep sunitha for next series its a humble request from all the fans of super singers.

  112. Gayatri Says:

    Really I felt bad with the Super Singer 7 results. How come all awards got to Sunitha’s team? Atleast Best Male Singer award should have gone to Hemachandra. He was awesome many times. SriKrishna was also gud but, Hemachandra was the best. Seriously nobody would like to watch such competitions if such things happen from next time.I felt except Sunitha’s team none of the teams were happy with results. I think she should not be taken as judge or mentor from the next time. Arey yaar kitna ghamand hai usko! As if only she is a good singer and only her team members are gud singers. That ‘andamga lena’ song she sang during the starting episodes of the show was worst. Enti chusevallu antha pichivallu anukuntunnara? Vallaki Show lo em jaruguthundo telida? Evaru unfair ga unnaro telida? Please from next time don’t conduct such Biased Shows. It’s a waste of time in watching such Shows

  113. sneha latha Says:

    we are a big fan of super singers we watched all episodes from the beginning bt in the final episode we disappointed like anything and we all lost hope on mainly maa most of them are saying abt wrong judgement of suniths bt maa tv ignored our cmplaints .bt in real we know who r the best singers.i suggest koushalya garu to maintain her judgement like dis nly.kousalya garu is the actual winner.bose garu at first u r very good bt u are also supporting sunitha.
    we are requesting maa tv to conduct more and more episodes like dis bt our sinser advice dont take sunitha as a judge.

  114. Sunitha Says:

    Congratssss sunitha garu….
    You r deserved for that…..
    Congrats Anjana n Srikrishna toooo…..

  115. manasa Says:

    Disappointed with the result. Sunitha’s team does not deserve to win. My verdict is best team: Kousalya’s team Best Male singer:Hema chandra Best Female Singer: Geetha Madhuri


    we r big fan of super singer.

  117. Mithun Says:

    congratulations for all super singers……………………

  118. swetha Says:

    This is a singing competition or some raitu bazaar…people commenting on each other. Its not like they are giving suggestions, its like they are in debate always. Sunitha – needs to change her attitude and the funny thing is Chandra bose follows her. He always supports her..doesn’t make sense. Is he a judge or…crazy yeah..Even before the judgement was announced I knew that Sunitha was going to win and Koushalya’s team will be 2nd and Usha’s team will be eliminated.. Chandra bose shouldn’t have been there and always supporting Sunitha.

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