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Jul 29

Watch Aamir Khan Satyamev Jayate TV Show Episodes Online – Excellent TV Show – Hats off to Aamir Khan for a wonderful TV Show, A Must Watch - Truth Alone Prevails

13th Episode: The Idea of India- We The People

Episode 13(July 29,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 13(July 29, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 13(July 29,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

12th Episode: Water: Every Drop Counts

Episode 12(July 22,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 12(July 22, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 12(July 22,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

11th Episode: Old Age: Sunset Years, Sunshine Life

Episode 11(July 15,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 11(July 15, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 11(July 15,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

10th Episode: Untouchability – Dignity for All

Episode 10(July 8,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 10(July 8, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 10(July 8,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

9th Episode: Alcohol Abuse – Think Before You Drink

Episode 9(July 1,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 9(July 1, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 9(July 1,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

8th Episode: Toxic Food – Poison on our plate

Episode 8(Jun 24,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 8(Jun 24, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 8(Jun 24,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

7th Episode: Domestic Violence – Danger at Home

Episode 7(Jun 17,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 7(Jun 17, Telugu):    CLICK HERE

Episode 7(Jun 17,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

6th Episode: Persons with Disabilities – We can fly

Episode 6(Jun 10,Hindi):    CLICK HERE

Episode 6(Jun 10,English Subs):    CLICK HERE

5th Episode(Hindi,Jun 3):   CLICK HERE

5th Episode(English SUBS,Jun 3):   CLICK HERE

4th Episode(Hindi,May 27):   CLICK HERE

4th Episode(English SUBS,May 27):   CLICK HERE

4th Episode(Telugu,May 27):   CLICK HERE

3rd Episode(Hindi,May 20):   CLICK HERE

3rd Episode(English SUBS,May 20):   CLICK HERE

3rd Episode(Telugu,May 20):   CLICK HERE

2nd Episode(Hindi,May 13):   CLICK HERE

2nd Episode(English SUBS,May 13):   CLICK HERE

2nd Episode(Telugu,May 13):   CLICK HERE

1st Episode(HINDI, May 6):          CLICK HERE

1st Episode(TELUGU, May 6):       CLICK HERE

Official Theme Song(Hindi):      CLICK HERE

Official Theme Song(Telugu):    CLICK HERE

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33 Responses to “Watch Aamir Khan Satyamev Jayate TV Show Online – 13th Episode – July 29”

  1. Mohan Nagendra Says:

    Dear Aamir sir,

    I really appriciate to your show and specially to you who has came front to raise voice against the coulprit person in our country.

    Thanks for those foundation who are still alive in this current event to
    support and get forward our country.

    Jai Hind


    satyamev jayate..needs to be blessed above party,religion and area politics by one and all in the world,specially on gird child’s extra ordinary work dear aamir..hats off to you


    first of all change parents (mummy & papa)

  4. akash jain Says:

    thanx dr….u r too good ….
    And i am with u every moment ….

  5. Geeta Says:

    I really appreciate you amir khan your throught are very nice to change this world every general human being is responsible for their own thoughts. That’s the reason know many women are taking tables to get pregnant

  6. Ajit Kaur Says:

    Good show
    I am with U and wish all Indian shud stand with U

  7. Paramjit Kaur Says:

    satyamev jayate
    Aamir u deserve all apperciation and wishes
    Main worry is to implement all these we need to change our laws, very hard punishment shud be there for all these crimes

  8. anupa das Says:

    hi Aamir,
    Main Bastar se hun, humaha jila Chhattisgarh ka sabse jyada sex ratio wala jila hai, mere ghar mein hum teen behane hain, humare mummy papa ne kabhi ladki hone ka afsos bhi nahi kiya par aaj main jis condition mein hun, aur jo humare sath ho raha hai usse lagta hai ki ladkiyon ke liye ye dunia hai hi nahi shayad humari bhi hatya maa ke pet mein hui hoti to achcha hota. Ladkiyon ko hum bacha to lete hai par ek achchi zindagi se vanchit kar dete hai, kyonki samaj purush pradhan hai aur kabhi wo ladkiyon ko aage barhata nahi dehka sakta.

  9. chinmay Says:

    Dear Aamir.
    u r doing a great role in your life this is one big challange for you i have proud on you i would like to give you one salute a great salute keep it up going on i pray for u U will be get good success in this role GOD BLESS U MAN U r really some thing different and you will give some thing this world do it

  10. Sangeeta Santani Says:

    There’s no doubt that any girl/lady/woman on this earth is with you in your mission stand against this kind of “Sin” / “Gunah” we are all contributing to knowingly or unknowingly.

    I have similar story from my own family, but to cut the long story short, I will conclude here by saying that I am here to extend any helping hand to accomplish this mission together.

    (Bharat Maa Se Jooda Sadd Rahi hai usa / North America mein)

  11. vivek Says:

    Hi Amir sir,
    I hats of to you, your are diong a very great job.. we hope that your T.V show shows pasitive impact on our society….

  12. satyame Says:

    maine kabi kisi v show ko like nahi kiya aur na hee kisi v show mai maine msg kiya maine is show ke liye but unfortunately i say one more thing(must Call Aamir’s first wife too on this show to discss: How her husband deserted her with 2 small kids 4 kiran

  13. JYOTSNA Says:


  14. dharmendrabhati Says:

    hi Aamir sir you are doen realy good job, you are the real khan or real indian, every one wants only one person who started all the esues and its you. salam and god blase to you.




  16. govind singla Says:

    u r too good sir ji
    lage rho hum app kee sath hai.

  17. sachin khedwal Says:

    amir sir aage bdo ham apke sath h and all is well for doing this.

  18. Jagjit Says:

    Hello aamir sir ur always good actor and now perfect host.we love u always?

  19. renujunwal Says:

    Dear sir
    hello,me indore se hu.aapka show dekha bahut accha laga. man me shuru se kuch karne ki lagan me aage badna hai.aapka show dekhakar hosala job karti hu.meri age 23 years hai.mera nature help fully hai .me sabki help karti hu.mujhe aapke show me judna hai.

  20. madhav Says:

    Aamir Annaya (In Telugu Dear brother)

    Aamir bhayaaaa i want to work with u………… till my last breath

  21. priyanka bisne Says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii sir
    how are you.
    aamir khan ji satymev jyte programe is verry important of life. pata hai sir mare bhiya ke chote baby ko injetion lagane tha wo injection 1100katha oosi samay wo before hi programe dekha wo goverment hospital me 5 rupay laga keaaye hai ke nahi bachat

  22. Madhan. Says:

    First of all I very thankful to you.Because have started a (let say) YAGNAM.(EVEN MORE THAN THAT).Sir since I born, me and my family are struggling with my father. He cannot stop drinking.He is a driver who have great responsibility on the life of passengers.So please please help us how to get him out this danger. This not only the problem of me even surrounding of my house. I live in Penukonda.

  23. kavita Says:

    Hi amir sir my name is kavita mai Andman nicobar say hwo aap ka show bhout he acha hai aap apna show mai pleace show kar ke dekhye ya na ke aak ladki ko kisi say love ho jaye aur yo usko chode ke kisi aur ke paas chalay jata hai tho yo ladki kya kare aur usko kyase sabak seekaye. thank you amir ji.

  24. Adel Noor Mohd Says:

    dear Amir,
    I am from Aden Yemen, i like your program very much. I like to thanks to you to show all the world that how the people living with there life. So the rich people to have open tghere eyes.Not everything is money. There is also poor people we have to look in there life how they are living and what they are doing for them.
    i wish for you and for your long life.

  25. kumar Says:

    hallo sir,
    sir maine andhra pradhesh se hun aur mai dubai me kaam kartha hun
    sir i am working as a pastry chef but i am not happy becouse of my parents
    buche honeka baad husbend and wife alag hojathe hain tho un bachon per kya gujartha hoga. kya aaj thak kisine socha hain.
    bachpan me mere maa bap alag hogayethe un ka vajese maine apna jindhagi kaise guzara maine kud janthahun.
    un ke liye ek program kar sakthe hotho aise bahuth sare maa bap seek sakthe hain bachon me be thoda sa pyar badtha hain
    all the best and i will pray for you long long life …………………………..

  26. kumar Says:

    hallo sir
    aamir sir your program is fentastic we are proud an indian
    hats off to you …………………………….

  27. Sachin Jain Says:

    Hello Amir Sir,
    Thanks a lot for making encouraging & eye opening REAL TV show.

  28. Monika Jain Says:

    Not Only Indian people , All Humanity will say Salute for raising voice against culprit.
    Jai Hind.

  29. Gayathri Says:

    When the politicians r struggling for power, where we can seek solutions through rigid lws and enforcemenr, these type of social problems will never be addressed to. They r aware these problems but subse bada rupaiah

  30. saroj Says:

    amire tum amire hoo good job you are thu real indian god blases you and i love you

  31. Dr. Subuhi Khan Says:

    dear aamir…i really want to work with you. why not you taking any action against advertisements (soap, health drink, juices, shampoo,prepared food etc.). not only they are cheating but just playing with the health of children, no action even they all giving false scientific regions for their product. why not, anyone either government or any organization stopping is a big issue…
    please do something for the same….i know this is a very big challenge but aap ko khatro’N’ ke khiladi ban chuke ho na ….. ye bahut zaroori hai
    Dr subuhi Khan
    Research Associate

  32. name does not matter Says:

    I congratulate Amir and the whole crew who completely bought into this idea and made an outstanding effort to go across the country and find great people, especially this last episode. Through this show Amir and crew have shown that there are enough role models out there that have started different forms of social service. The bare minimum that we can do is join hands with a few one such organization and start working towards improving society. I think every person above the age of 40 in this country with any feeling of social responsibility should at join this movement. Please let this movement not fade out of public memory and die like many other ‘news items’ in this country. LET US SUSTAIN THIS EFFORT.

  33. Rama Bidari Says:

    Hi Aamir,u are diong a very great job.. i love this show n wish u all d best.

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